2020 Musings

How to Meet Famous People 

If you’re looking for obscure ways to meet famous people, below is a collection of my advice. 

Attend a Society for Human Resources Management conference. That’s where I obtained musician George Benson’s autograph, and also got to ask ice cream…

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I Never Thought of Myself as a Writer 

As Ms. File handed my paper back to me, she said “have you ever thought about being a writer?” I looked at the paper, and it had an “A” inscribed at the top. I was only in 7th grade at…

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My Mom Turns 70 

Today is my mom’s 70th birthday. I don’t think 70 seems that old, but Mom says not everyone makes it to that age. I’m feeling deep love for her today, for all she has been through, the growth that she’s…

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I Love Teaching Adults 

I had been teaching Jennifer the violin for about a year and a half when she decided to switch to the bass. I didn’t take the change personally. I had seen students come and go for many different reasons over…

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