How to Meet Famous People 

If you’re looking for obscure ways to meet famous people, below is a collection of my advice. 

Attend a Society for Human Resources Management conference. That’s where I obtained musician George Benson’s autograph, and also got to ask ice cream makers Ben and Jerry a question about their company's compensation philosophy. 

Go to violin camp… as an adult. That’s where I got to work with fiddler Mark O’Connor. 

Eat at a deli in New York. Sitting at the table next to me was singer Ashanti. 

Go to Vegas. While touring the Hoover Dam, actor Hugh Grant was there doing the same. 

Hire a temporary worker. When I needed extra help to do data entry and filing, the temp that ended up in my department was Ringo Starr’s nephew. 

Have a business breakfast meeting in Portland, OR. While prepping for the day with colleagues, feminist/activist Gloria Steinem was sitting at the next table doing the same. 

Start playing the violin in 4th grade (and don’t quit). As part of a classical performing group, I’ve gotten to perform with artists including Natalie Cole, Alice in Chains, Sean Smith, Pomplamoose, and Imogen Heap.