Days 23–28: Odds 'n' Ends

Day 23
One of my favorite things to check out at Costco is the book section, which is where I picked this up. Given the topic, I figured this was a "must have." But I never actually read this because I got bored.
Day 24
The tiny bit of remaining hair product in this container is hardened. As a result, I'm feeling pretty confident about my decision to part with this item.
Day 25
When I put on new socks, there's a feeling of ecstasy that I experience. I love the softness of the material, how cushy they feel, and that I notice the comfort of them with every step. On the other hand, once socks have been worn and worn, and washed and washed, it's more of a flat-line experience. These socks fall into that category.
Day 26
When I was in junior high school, my friend and I used to call random people from the phone book and do crank calls. That is NOT why I still have these, by the way.
Day 27
In my quest to stay out of the sun, I try out sunless tanning products from time to time, usually with the same result: I break out with mild hives. That's why this is nearly full. 

Side note: Before I decided on this item, my husband talked me out of something else I wanted to eliminate.

Day 28
Whenever I buy new tennis shoes, I keep my old ones "just in case." I rarely wear the back-up shoes, and since these are pretty ragged, they're leaving today.

Side note: Before I decided on these shoes, my husband talked me out of eliminating two other pairs.