Day 10: What Not to Wear

Sometimes I despise the fact that workout wear can cost as much as an outfit I'd wear to work. But alas, I have come to appreciate well-fitting clothes, even for my workouts. These items have deodorant stains, or require regular…Read more

Day 9: My Life Isn't Perfect But My Hair Is

Today I'm getting rid of these brushes. One of them is about 17 years old… I'm not sure if that's impressive or really gross. I've been told that my hair is sort of "my thing" — it always looks good…Read more

Day 8: Whose Coat is This Jacket?

It's Day 8 of my "getting rid of stuff campaign" and I'm feeling resistance. I walked from the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen, to the office, to the bathroom, and I even looked in two closets…Read more

Day 7: Hat (But Not Cat)

I'm getting rid of this hat today. Here's a summary of my internal dialogue preceding this decision:
  • I never wear that hat.
  • Maybe I should get rid of it.
  • First, let's try it on, see what it looks like.
  • Oh……
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Day 6: Eggs-actly Useless

What's no longer taking up space in my house, effective today?

Microwave egg poacher: It's still in its original packaging. I think my intent was to use this at work, but that never happened.

A thermos and three travel mugs:Read more

Day 5: The 12th Man

One day while walking during my lunch hour in downtown Seattle, I noticed a small swarm of people ahead. I could see that something free was being handed out. Without much thought, I found myself waiting in line for one…Read more

Day 4: What's for Dinner?

I don't know when my obsession with cookbooks began. I could blame it on an inherited family gene or being a victim to the masterful marketing of the cookbook industry. But I think the real reason is that I like…

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Day 3: No Longer My Master

This Brew Master and Wine Master are no longer welcome in my home. These portable, hand-held gadgets help you pair the best beer or wine with your meal, point you to locations of famous wineries/breweries around the world, include drinking…Read more

Day 2: The Ugly Adornment

I got rid of this today... it's not for dusting, it's not a cat toy, and no, it's not part of a Raggedy Ann doll. It's actually a decorative tassel made of yarn. I remember accepting this as a gift…Read more

Day 1: Out of Sight

Today I went through a desk in search of one item to part with, but without much effort, ended up with two full grocery bags. Value Village will soon be receiving a head scratcher, two old pairs of sunglasses, six…Read more