30 Days Later: A Little Less Stuff-y

I have officially completed my 30-day, self-imposed “get rid of stuff campaign.” Here are some things I learned along the way:
  • ​The things that occupy my space really should fall into two main categories: things that I use and things…
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Day 30: You're So Corny

I cleaned out a few things from my pantry today, to get rid of products that contain corn and gluten, which I generally avoid. Some of you will think this is wasteful, but I don't feel guilt in parting with…Read more

Day 29: Lip Service

This is an old tube of red lip gloss. I like the color, but the formula isn't my favorite, so it doesn't get used often. While we're on the topic of red lips, I first started seriously wearing these bold…Read more

Days 23–28: Odds 'n' Ends

Day 23
One of my favorite things to check out at Costco is the book section, which is where I picked this up. Given the topic, I figured this was a "must have." But I never actually read this because …Read more

Day 22: Con Sordino

I just parted with this old TV. It was used so infrequently that I almost didn't even see it sitting there each day. The room feels way lighter without it. 


Day 21: Twinsies

One day I wore this to work on casual Friday, only to find that my male co-worker was wearing the same thing. That's not the reason I'm parting with this, but I was more wanting to share that it's super…Read more

Days 15–19: This and That

Short and sweet: that's today's posting.  Below are the items that left my house this last week.
  Day 15
This has been sitting in the basement ever since we got our Krups single-cup coffee maker. I'm guessing my husband is …Read more

Day 14: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

We recently won an 80s-themed basket at a local fundraiser. There were four sets of mesh gloves included (different colors for matching various neon-colored outfits, I presume). I'm getting rid of three sets, but I do admit to keeping one…Read more

Day 13: Stamp of Approval

96 rubber stamps left my house today. They've been sitting in a box for the better part of the last year. I was planning to mail them to a friend's kid, but that never happened, probably because it would have…Read more

Day 11: Most Days I've Gone Mad

"When you are in love, you greet each day with a banana peel in your heart and a tennis shoe on your face."

"I like you as much as I like lawn mowers."
"When I first saw you, my…Read more