Smells of Summer

There are certain smells I associate with summer, for example, suntan lotion, freshly-cut grass, and rain on the asphalt after a hot day. When I was in the grocery store today, another one came to me: tomato foliage. The smell…Read more

Gardening at the Bar

Gardening creates beauty for our surroundings. Thank you, lovely woman outside of this drinking establishment, for making me smile today.


Snail Mail

As a kid, it was a wonderful thing to see the mail man at our box. I had various pen pals over the years, and the idea that I could communicate with people all over the country, all on my…Read more

Now That I Have Your Attention

As I was working today, I started to become increasingly agitated. I realized some crows were making a ton of racket outside. I stormed over to the window, flung it open, and then yelled “Shut up!” into the street. This…Read more


Today I took pleasure in working on potted plants in my backyard. Various plant-filled vessels now line my deck, which means I sort of have another room to enjoy whether I'm outside, or inside my house looking through the window…Read more


Today I was happy about my personal entourage that follows me from one room to the next. In this picture, I'm sitting at my computer desk. My cat typically does her best to steal half of my chair, as my…Read more

The Secret Sisters

I saw Nickel Creek in concert and the opening act was The Secret Sisters. When you’re not the headliner, it’s gotta be a tough gig. But these girls did it right: they didn’t wait for the energy of the…Read more

Throwback Thursday

As my dog stopped to sniff something on our walk today, I noticed this bouncy ball. Then a couple feet away, I noticed a lone marble. I thought fondly about playing with these items as a kid, and it made…Read more

Magic Ingredient

I was not in the mood to cook tonight. But the experience was made special by using a dash of "magic unicorn" salt.  


I Heart Light

I love that something as subtle as lighting can set the tone for how I feel in a space. This Mason jar lighting installation lives in a room that evokes a sentiment of home — not the dirty dishes part…Read more

I'm Kinda Shady

I walk along this street daily throughout the year. Today I was happy about the shade that felt so lovely and kept me cool. But in the winter months, I look forward to walking on the sunny side of the…Read more

Sidewalk Message

Is anything we come across really a coincidence? Today I think this message was placed on the sidewalk just for me. It made me smile and reminded me to lighten up a bit.